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Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Licensed psychologist treats clients remotely with Rapid Resolution Teletherapy for anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, grief, sexual assault and rape, childhood abuse
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Dr. Schooler provides Rapid Resolution Teletherapy no matter where you live
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Break Free of Painful Emotions and Soar!

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RAPID RESOLUTION TELETHERAPY (RRT) adjusts your mind, conscious and subconscious, so your mind works in an ideal and optimal way. RRT quickly eliminates emotional pain and destructive behavioral patterns and completely resolves the psychological and physiological effects of disturbing experiences or trauma. It is a fast, gentle, effective treatment, and a solution for life's toughest problems, including:

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Chronic Stress
  • Traumatic Grief
  • Heartbreak
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Chronic Pain
  • Injury or Ilness
  • Finding Romance
  • Insomnia
  • Natural Disasters
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Self-Injury
  • Phobias
  • Sexual Issues
  • Burnout
  • Crime Victim
  • Murder/Suicide 
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexual Assault, Incest, Rape, Harassment
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Obsessions/Compulsions
  • Self-destructive Behaviors
  • Anger/Rage/Resentment
  • Guilt/Shame
  • Jealousy
  • Impotence
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Betrayal
  • Abandonment
  • Infidelity
  • Compulsive Behavior
  • Self Hatred
  • Unhappy Relationships

Teletherapy Works

Teletherapy works whether you are in New York , California , New Jersey , Colorado , Arizona , Michigan , Boston , Chicago , Los Angeles , San Francisco , Houston, or anywhere.

Anger, Rage, and Death

Mass shootings, domestic violence, suicide. Not a day goes by in this country where these events are absent. By whatever means, guns, knives, poison, or jumping off a bridge, violence against self or others is rampant is our country. And at the root of most acts of violence is anger. Anger is a primitive emotion whose purpose is to promote aggression. There was a time when anger was sometimes useful, but in 21st century America anger is worse than useless most of the time. Click here to learn how anger can be eliminated and how treating anger in children and teens is a huge step in preventing murder and suicide. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is in the news. On Nov. 8, 2016,  Florida enacted a Medical Marijuana law allowing for the prescribed use of Cannabis to treat 10 specific conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder. While marijuana may ease PTSD symptoms, Rapid Resolution Therapy can completely cure the condition in just a few sessions (or even just one). What is PTSD and how is it diagnosed and treated? Click here to learn more about the diagnosis of PTSD.

Unresolved Grief

The recent death of Debbie Reynolds just one day after the death of her daughter Carries Fisher is a tragic illustration of the mind-body connection and the power of trauma and grief. Painful grief can be resolved. If you or a loved one continues to be haunted by grief please contact Dr. Schooler right away. 

Manage chronic pain without addictive drugs! Federal health officials have just issued new guidelines for physicians urging them to avoid prescribing higly addictive painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin for chronic pain. Click here to learn how you can manage or even eliminate chronic pain without drugs.

Healthy Tip - a must for everyone! The best health insurance is to STAY HEALTHY. But the stress of daily living may literally be killing you. Stress is involved in nearly every disease. But the good news is that stress can be defeated. Take the Stress Quiz and learn more about how you can break free of the stress cycle. 

Low Self Esteem? Almost everyone I work with complains of low self-esteem and how it keeps them stuck in self-defeating behavior patterns. Just how good do you have to feel about yourself to be successful and happy? The answer will probably surprise you. Contact me today to set up your appointment to resolve your self-esteem issue for good. 561-395-3033.

Give the gift of Inner Peace. Take advantage of our discounted fees and give a Gift Certificate to someone you care about. Learn more about Gift Certificates.

Build Your Financial Wealth. Leave financial stress behind. Research shows that people who have enough money to easily pay their bills are happier! Find out more about building financial wealth.

Golf Mental Training. Find out more about golf mental training. 

Sports Mental Training. Find out more about sports mental training. 

Experience the Amazing Power of Inner Peace to Transform Your Life. Achieve your ideal weight, vibrant health, financial security, and satisfying relationships. When you feel at peace within, goals that may have seemed unreachable suddenly are within your grasp. Learn more about the transformational power of inner peace.  

Trauma, Near Death Experience, Grief, and Past Life Regression. The recent Newsweek article by neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, MD titled My Proof of Heaven has brought new public awareness to the question of what happens when we or a loved one dies. Learn more about psychotherapy for  trauma, grief, and spiritual issues.

Take your studying and test taking to the MAX! Dramatically increase absorption, retention, and comprehension after studying. Maximize test taking performance. Ideal for students and professionals. Learn more about how to improve studying and test taking.

Eliminate painful negative emotions! Fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame, rage, resentment, frustration, irritability, jealousy are emotions that are worse than useless, causing misery and suffering for the individual and loved ones. Learn more about eliminating painful emotions.

Bounce Back From Depression Without Drugs. The top two most frequently prescribed drugs in the U.S. are antidepressants. Drugs can sometimes improve the symptoms of depression but they are not a cure. Learn more about depression and how to eliminate it.


Learn more about the innovative treatment of Rapid Resolution Therapy. Click the IRRT seal above.

Rapid Resolution Therapy®, now delivered remotely as Teletherapy, is a revolutionary, holistic  approach to healing and positive change. Rapid Resolution Therapy® eliminates emotional pain and destructive behavioral patterns resulting from unpleasant, disturbing, or even traumatic events. Trauma need not be a horrific experience, although it often is. But sometimes a so-called "minor" event can continue to haunt a person, sometimes for years or even decades. Its possible that the event may not even be consciously remembered even as its destructive influence continues. But suffering is not necessary. Traumatic events and their consequences can be completely and painlessly resolved, quickly and permanently. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the following it's likely that one or more traumatic experiences continues to exert an effect:  nightmares, phobias, excessive fears, prolonged insomnia, unexplainable sadness, profound guilt, rage, self-destructive behavior, self-injurious behavior, violent outbursts, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders. Teletherapy via  Zoom, Facetime,or other services, is as effective as in-person treatment. Teletherapy is even more affordable and convenient than in-person sessions. 

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Dr. Douglas Schooler

Licensed Psychologist,  Certified Sex Therapist
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Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

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Dedicated to joyful living and the alleviation of suffering

 Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Douglas Schooler, Ph.D., P.A.

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I was in therapy most of my adult life but after only 2 sessions of RRT I'm fine now!

My 10 year old daughter was a nervous wreck but now she is a completly different person in just two visits.

Results, finally! In all my other therapy it was just talking, nothing changed. 

I have been to so many therapists before but this is actually the first time that something has really happened, I feel results after our first session. Amazing... 

My relationship with my daughter is so much better! 

I can sleep again!  I'm back to normal and I am so thankful for our session! I don't need medication anymore and don't even have to use melatonin! Thank you for giving me my life back!! You are the best! 

It's like I was in a coffin and now I'm free!

The guilt is gone, wow!

When I remember the abuse now I don't feel bad. That's amazing.

I've never told anyone about that before. I feel so much lighter.

I was in survival mode and now this process is working for me.

"I'm a very skeptical person, so when I say THIS WORKS, it really does!

"I am a totally different person than when I started the therapy, a complete transformation..."

"Thank you so much for helping me relax so that i could pass the exam - my career is off to a great start"

"I am off medication, sleeping well, feeling good, and no more panic attacks"

"That low self-esteem problem is gone!"

"My wife and I are having good sex again, finally, after 4 years of no sex"

"I'm getting hard erections now and I can enjoy sex again"

"That technique you taught me took several shots off my golf game immediately, wow!

"No more grinding my teeth"

"I feel relaxed for the first time in my life!"

"We're getting along so much better now. It's like when we first met"

"I have good feelings about having sex with my husband, for the first time in our marriage"

"I can't thank you enough for giving me back my life - after 14 years of suffering and grieving