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With all the talk about Obama care, private health insurance, or Medicare for all, you'd think that health insurance is the key to good health. But it's not! Physicians rarely help us become or stay healthy, and that is the best health insurance of all. And here is the secret to getting or remaining healthy-Defeat Stress! You see, stress is involved in virtually every illness or disease, whether it is a major cause or just makes it worse. Stress can make you fat, ruin your immune system, and cause you to look old before your time. That's right, stress is a major cause of premature aging. And aging is one of the number one causes of illness. So it stands to reason that when you learn how to defeat stress you will be so much healthier both mentally and physically. You will feel better, look better, and live better. 

I have put together a special program to assist you in defeating stress once and for all. In just 2 or 3 sessions you'll be fully equiped to handle the inevitable stresses of daily living, those situations that are going to happen sooner or later. So it pays to be prepared, to have a plan, to have knowledge, to know what to do to stay healthy in spite of whatever life throws at you. 

 Call Dr. Schooler at 561-395-3033 right away to become an expert in managing and defeating stress.

Are You Stressed?

Common Signs of Stress

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue 
  • Insomnia
  • Body Aches
  • Feeing Overwhelmed
  • Poor Concentration
  • Memory Difficulties
  • Loss of Self-Confidence
  • Nervousness
  • Feeling "Down" for No Reason

Typica Causes of Stress

  • Too Much Responsibility
  • Not Enough Rest
  • Expending Too Much Energy
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Conflict
  • Perceived or Actual Threat
  • Perceived or Actual Loss
  • Viral or Bacterial Infection
  • Victim of Attack or Crime
  • Perceived Betrayal
  • Change (see Quiz below)

One of the major sources of stress is CHANGE. Take the quiz below to find out how much recent changes may have increased your stress level. And be aware that change is just one source of stress, you may have experienced others as well. Call Dr. Schooler at 561-395-3033 right away to become an expert in managing and defeating stress.

Life Change Index Scale (The Stress Test)

The body is a finely timed instrument that does not like surprises. Any sudden change which affects the body, or the reordering of important routines that the body had become used to, can cause needless stress, throwing your whole physical being into turmoil.

Event Impact Score                                  My Score

Death of spouse                                               100

Divorce                                                               73

Marital Separation                                              65

Jail Term                                                            63

Death of close family member                           63

Personal injury or illness                                    53

Marriage                                                             50

Fired at work                                                      47

Marital reconciliation                                          45

Retirement                                                         45

Change in health of family member                   44

Pregnancy                                                          40

Sex difficulties                                                    39

Gain of a new family member                            39

Business readjustment                                       39

Change in financial state                                    38

Death of a close friend                                        37

Change to a different line of work                       36

Change in number of arguments with sp            35

Mortgage over $20,000                                       31

Foreclosure of mortgage or loan                         30

Change in responsibilities at work                       29

Son or daughter leaving home                            29

Trouble with in laws                                             29

Outstanding personal achievement                     28

Spouse begins or stop work                                26

Begin or end school                                             26

Change in living conditions                                  25

Revisions of personal habits                                24

Trouble with boss                                                 23

Change in work hours or conditions                     20

Change in residence                                            20

Change in schools                                                20

Change in recreations                                          19

Change in church activities                                   19

Change in social activities                                    19

Mortgage or loan less than $20,000                     17

Change in sleeping habits                                    16

Change in number of family get-togethers           15

Change in eating habits                                        15

Vacation                                                               13

Christmas approaching                                        12

Minor violation of the law                                      11

Total  Score

Directions for Scoring The Life Change Index: If an event mentioned above has occurred in the past year, or is expected in the near future, copy the number in the score column. If the event has occurred or is expected to occur more than once, multiply this number by the frequency of the event.

Here is what your score means in predicting the probability of illness in the near furture 

  • 300+ about 80 percent
  • 150-299 about 50 percent
  • less than 150 about 30 percent

T.H.Holmes and T.H. Rahe. "The Social Readjustment Rating Scale," Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

11:213, 1967.

Call Dr. Schooler right away to get on the fast track to managing and defeating stress: 561-395-3033

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