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Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Licensed psychologist treats clients remotely with Rapid Resolution Teletherapy for anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, grief, sexual assault and rape, childhood abuse
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Dr. Schooler provides Rapid Resolution Teletherapy no matter where you live
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Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy
Dr. Douglas Schooler, PhD, PA

Licensed Psychologist

Rapid Resolution Therapytm clears the mind, including the subconscious mind, of painful memories and emotional injuries, eliminating painful emotions and problem behavior.

Anxiety, sadness, guilt, grief, anger, resentment, shame...these feelings cause much needless suffering... and they can be eliminated, often in just one session. Addictive cravings, compulsions, procrastination, and other problem behavior can be replaced with empowering and inspired action in just a few sessions

Rapid Resolution Therapytm is a revolutionary approach to psychological healing. Created, developed, and taught by Dr. Jon Connelly and practiced by therapists nationwide, it is, without question, the most effective and powerful form of psychotherapy available today. Dr. Schooler is a Specialist  in the delivery ofRapid Resolution Therapy.

Rapid Resolution Therapy uses the processes of Rapid Trauma Resolution, Rapid Grief Resolution, and Rapid Anxiety/Panic Resolution to influence all levels of mind so that desired feelings, thoughts, and behavior occur automatically. Willpower and effort are not required. Feeling and doing better happen effortlessly. Your mind is clear and you have a sense of energy and power as you move forward in your life with a good feeling and in a easy way.

Rapid Trauma Resolutiontm quickly and painlessly clears the negative effects of disturbing events from the past, freeing you to enjoy life now. It works on all kinds of "trauma", big and small. It doesn't matter if the trauma was a single event or something that happened repeatedly over months or years. You don't even have to remember or even know that there was a traumatic event for this approach to be effective. It has already helped thousands of people who were physically or sexually assaulted, or had other kinds of gut-wrenching things happen to them or to loved ones.

Contact Dr. Schooler at 561-395-3033 or to talk about your situation at no charge or obligation.


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 Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Douglas Schooler, Ph.D., P.A.