Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Take Action Now to Eliminate Anger/Rage

Problem anger is often noticeable in children as early as Kindergarten. Most of the time this early anger comes from painful experiences suffered by the child. Physical punishment or outright physical and emotional abuse are the prime suspects, but other events such as death of a parent or a hostile divorce process can ignite problem anger as well. Fighting or other oppositional behavior in school usually results in a cycle of punishment and rejection that tends to incite even more anger. As the child progresses through the school years the anger from early on simply festers and grows, disrupting learning and social relationships. Rage is the accumulation of anger over the years and may be expressed overtly in anti-social behavior in the teenage years or may be surpressed only to surface in a relationship where abuse is the result. Sometimes the built up rage can result in a mass shooting or suicide. 

Parents need to recognize signs of probllem anger and growing rage in their children and get effective treatment as soon as possible. When violence and even death are a predictible outcome, ignoring prolem anger is not an option. The good news is that anger and rage can be eliminated by Rapid Resolution Therapy quickly, gently, and permanently. Please contact Dr. Schooler right away to begin your child's or teen's treatment. 



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