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Center for Rapid Resolution Therapy

Boca Raton psychologist treats anxiety,panic,depression,stress,trauma, with Rapid Resolution Therapy
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Rapid Resolution Therapy via E Therapy, teletherapy, internet therapy
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Mental training to excel in golf
Dr. Schooler trains your mind to excel in your sport, golf, tennis, football, baseball, all sports

About Dr. Schooler
 About Dr. Doug Schooler

     Dr. Doug Schooler is a Licensed Psychologist (PY3454), Certified Sex Therapist,  and Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist serving Boca Raton FL in private practice for 24 years.  He is a Certified  Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy and specializes in Rapid Trauma Resolution, Frozen Grief Resolution, eliminating anxiety and depression, sex therapy and sport psychology in his practice. He also specializes in Performance Psychology, the art of helping people function more effectively in any part of life.

     Whether the issue is chronic pain or illness, sexual functioning, losing weight, depression or whatever, Dr. Schooler's therapy is a true mind-body approach.  It's a state of the art, scientifically based therapy where diet, hormones, supplements and chemical toxicity are often considered in the treatment plan.  A large part of Dr. Schooler's practice is devoted to helping people recover from the effects of emotional trauma.  Needless suffering may be alleviated and years of emotional pain may be dissolved with the application of his Rapid Trauma Resolution methods.  He spent a month in New York City after the attacks of 9/11 helping corporate employees recover from traumatic stress reactions.  He currently works with all manner of traumatic experiences, including survivors of sexual violence and physical abuse. Dr. Schooler is the Director of The Boca Raton Center For Rapid Resolution Therapy.

     Dr. Schooler grew up in the Bronx, New York, graduated from Queens College, and earned a Master's degree in Counseling from Herbert Lehman College.  He received his Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island in 1976.  He taught psychology at Eastern Michigan University for five years, and was a therapist at Innervisions Neuropsychiatric Clinic in Southfield, Michigan, before moving to Boca Raton in 1984. 

     Dr. Doug  has been a competitive long distance runner since 1976.

Miami Tropical Marathon 2004
3rd Place in 60-64 age group
Miami Marathon 2006
10th Place in 60-64 age group

Dedicated to joyful living and the alleviation of suffering

Boca Center for Rapid Resolution Therapy

Douglas Schooler, Ph.D., P.A.
200 W. Camino Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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