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Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Licensed psychologist treats clients remotely with Rapid Resolution Teletherapy for anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, grief, sexual assault and rape, childhood abuse
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Dr. Schooler provides Rapid Resolution Teletherapy no matter where you live
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Mental training to excel in golf
Dr. Schooler trains your mind to excel in your sport, golf, tennis, football, baseball, all sports


Come to my office in Boca Raton and you'll leave with a better golf game.

If you're a professional or low handicap amateur golfer you have the physical skills to win. Rapid Resolution Techniques can help you execute shots consistently so you reach your goal, whether it is to win on the PGA tour, qualify for the tour, or win on an amateur tour.

Famous athletes who have used mental training include Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Jimmy Conners, Mark McGuire, Shaquille O'Neal, Andre Agassi, and Michael Jordan to name a few. Imagine what hypnosis can do for YOU!



Fix any golf problem in just one session!
Call 561-395-3033 to get started

  • Manage your nerves
  • Control your emotions
    Clear your mind
  • Keep your "baggage" off the course
  • Handle pressure
  • Experience relaxed concentration
  • Get that winning feeling
  • Heal injuries faster
  • Lose weight, stop smoking
  • Ramp up energy and fitness
  • Regain desire and enthusiasm
  • Go beyond confidence
  • Automate your swing
  • Get greater distance/accuracy
  • Enhance ball striking
  • Sink more putts
  • Score better


   “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course...the space between your ears.” Bobby Jones


     Bobby Jones knew well that competitive winning golf is all about the mental game. And sports psychology has emerged over the last quarter century to be an essential tool for the serious athelete. But while sports psychology deals mostly with the rational mind, Rapid Resolution Techniques (RRT) target the deeper, more primative mind, that part of the mind that regulates how a person automatically feels, thinks, and acts. Rapid Resolution Techniques are ideally suited to the serious golfer who wants to play consistently at his/her level of physical ability.

    RRT is hands down the most effective process to influence and adjust the deeper mind, often called the subconscious or unconscious mind. In sports the conscious mind is useful for planning strategies and even rehersing physical movement. But to be natural and effective, the actual execution of physical movement must be guided by the deeper mind; any conscious control of what should be high speed sports movement will result in slow, awkward, unnatural, and ineffective action. Emotions also come from the deeper mind; people don't choose their feelings, they just happen to us. Therefore, to improve movement and regulate emotions, the deeper mind must be accessed and adjusted and that's exactly what RRT is so good at doing. RRT is the ideal sports enhancement method. Just imagine how you would play with your deeper mind optimally adjusted so that you move with the speed, grace, and agility of a mountain goat traversing the highest peaks with a relaxed yet laser like mental focus. RRT can get you to unleash your true potential so that you play at the level of your actual physical and mental abiiity. As you've just learned, the task of RRT  is simply to adjust the deeper mind so it works in the ideal way.

    Convential sports psychology pay a lot of attention to "confidence". But a focus  and reliance on confidence can be a prescription for disaster. Because when things go wrong on the course, as they will, confidence can be shaken and shattered. "I think I can" quickly becomes "I think I can't."   Rapid Resolution Techniques take you BEYOND CONFIDENCE!  Confidence is merely a belief, and one that implies doubt. What's far better is  having unshakable focus, concentration, and determination, which are not beliefs, but powerful skills, force fields of energy that make things happen.

     In addition, unlike conventional hypnosis, Rapid Resolution Techniques remove blocks to peak performance caused by past events and frees up energy to propel you to playing at the level of your true physical ability. Rapid Resolution Techniques adjust your entire mind, conscious and subconscious, to keep you in the "zone", free of anxiety, distraction, and self-consciousness.  You play with a sense of "flow" and ease, your body responding naturally with power, speed, and flexibility.

"Golf takes more mental energy, more concentration, more determination than any other sport ever invented."
 Arnold Palmer 

     Golf looks like a simple game: hit the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. But because  the human mind has a tendency to malfunction (loss of concentration, anger, fear) the challenge to consistently repeat the basic golf swing, under changing conditions of terrain and weather, is immense.  Rapid Resolution Techniques can simplify your game like nothing you've ever imagined by adjusting your mind so you  get more out of your body. Clear your mind and lift your game to the level of your actual physical ability.

Arnold Palmer on tournament golf: "You've got to get nervous and you've got to control those nerves"

















The fee for Rapid Resolution Techniques is $250 per session and a typical session will last for an hour or hour and a half, depending on the issue(s) to be resolved.  

Call today for more information or to schedule your Rapid Resolution Techniques session!
(561) 395-3033

Dr. Schooler is a member of the Shivas Irons Society, the organization inspired by Michael Murphy's influential book Golf In The Kingdom.

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 Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

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