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Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Licensed psychologist treats clients remotely with Rapid Resolution Teletherapy for anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, depression, grief, sexual assault and rape, childhood abuse
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Boca Raton marriage counseling,couples counseling
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Test Taking
Trauma, Grief, NDE's
Inner Peace
Dr. Schooler provides Rapid Resolution Teletherapy no matter where you live
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Mental training to excel in golf
Dr. Schooler trains your mind to excel in your sport, golf, tennis, football, baseball, all sports

Sex Therapy

     Dr. Douglas Schooler is a Certified Sex Therapist who works with individuals and couples to improve and enhance your sexual experience. If you have been suffering with low sexual desire, erectile or orgasmic difficulties, or just want to get more out of sex, call Dr. Schooler now at 561 395-3033.

     Super Virility:  How to Be the Man Every Woman Wants is Dr. Schooler's new sexual fitness book for men. The book presents a complete mind-body program to help any man, regardless of age, maximize his sexual energy and unleash his sexual potential. Dr. Schooler teaches powerful sexual techniques that can be used immediately, along with a supportive lifestyle that includes diet, supplements, exercise, attitudes, and more! Super Virility puts you on the fast track to sexual ecstasy. 

     Women will want to give Super Virility to their husbands or boyfriends to enhance the romance and intimacy in their relationship.  Super Virility will help every couple

  • Have more enjoyable sex
  • Have more frequent sex
  • Have longer lasting sex
  • Reach simultaneous orgasm
  • Experience a healthier and  more energized lifestlye


Dedicated to joyful living and the alleviation of suffering

 Rapid Resolution Teletherapy

Douglas Schooler, Ph.D., P.A.

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