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Tuesday, May 12 2020


Click on the link above to read a scientifically sound and wise article on how the Coronavirus spreads and how to avoid getting sick. The basic idea is to limit exposure to virus particles so that even if you do get some of the virus inside your body it will not be enough to cause illness. The biggest risk, according to the author Erin Bromage, is spending too much time in indoor settings such as restaurants or offices. More time means more virus particles ingested means more chance of illness. Brief exposure seems to greatly reduce the risk of actual infection and illness. Please read the entire article. 

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Tuesday, April 07 2020

Here's a breathing technique that JK Rowling (Harry Potter author) says helped her recover from COVID-19.

I recommend that you practice it now. Hopefully you'll never need it but it's reassuring to know it. 

Here's the link: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/covid-19-doctor-demonstrates-breathing-172126587.html

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Tuesday, April 07 2020

Some really good news! Vitamins C and D are finally being used as key treatments for coronavirus infection. Here's the link to Dr. Mercola's site: 

In an earlier post I noted how Vitamin C is a key ingredient in Dr. Marik's sepsis treatment protocol. Sepsis or a similar immune issue called the cytokine storm is one of the main ways that COVID-19 kills. And those lethal unregulated immune responses are well known to respond to Vitamin C as well as thiamine and hydrocortisone. So I find it very exciting and uplifting to know that some folks in medicine are using inexpensive nutriceuticals to combat COVID-19. And I predict a very favorable impact on the mortality rate. 

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Thursday, March 19 2020

Sepsis, previously called blood poisoning, is an out of control immune response to an infection that attacks and destroys the organs of the person infected. It's a "mistake" that kills. Sepsis is responsible for 20% of all deaths worldwide in any given year. A process similar to sepsis is called the cytokine storm. Both sepsis and the cytokine storm (cytokine release syndrome) show up in severe cases of COVID-19 and are responsible for many of the deaths reported.  

Dr. Paul Marik developed a simple and inexpensive treatment for sepsis (and likely cytokine storm) which can be found here: https://emcrit.org/isepsis/isepsis-vitamin-c-hydrocortisone-thiamine-metabolic-resuscitation-protocol/ .

I encourage you to read the study and be uplifted. It appears that sepsis can in most cases be controlled and eliminated. Using thiamine, Vitamin C and hydrocortisone, Dr. Marik's protocol reduced mortality from 19 out of 47 infected to only 4 of 47 infected. (CHEST journal, 2017). 

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Monday, April 01 2019

Just came across a  great little book called  "The Anger Fallacy: Uncovering the Irrationality of the Angry Mindset" by Steven Laurent and Ross G Menzies. They review lots of research and the overall conclusion is that anger is almost never useful in any way, especially considering the harm it causes.  That's fine, I totally agree. But what does one do about anger? Can it just be "managed" or can it be largely eliminated? 

RRT is especially suited to eliminating any and all anger that is harmful or not useful. I have a special program designed to do just that and I invite you to contact me for details. 561-395-3033 or DrSchooler@outlook.com. 

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Sunday, March 31 2019

"Time heals all wounds" is sometimes true but not always. In fact it's probably most often not true when it comes to the emotional effects of trauma. Time may actually make matters worse.  The recent unfortunate suicides by two students from Douglas High School in Parkland, FL and the suicide of a father of a child murdered in Sandy Hook elementary school show all too tragically how the passage of time is usually not a cure for the painful effects of trauma. The memory of the traumatic event may remain just as vivid or even more so, and the feelings of loss, guilt, fear, and anger, frequently get worse over time. So the key point is this: All survivors of violent trauma of any kind should be seen by an experienced trauma therapist even if they say they're doing OK. It could be a matter of life or death. 

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Wednesday, January 13 2016
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