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Monday, 28 November 2011

How Can You Stay Calm Under Pressure?

Here's a quote from a nationally recognized golf "psychologist":

Next, you should be eager to play each round, but keep your emotions in check. No matter your personality, a part of your preparation is to remain calm. No Tiger fist pumping! Learn to employ your own form of relaxing, both before and during the round. I have been studying the psychology of golf for almost thirty years and one thing is increasingly clear to me: deep and consistent golf performances emanate from remaining calm.

Keep your emotions in check, remain calm. This is the kind of thing you hear from sports psychologists. The problem is, HOW? How does one remain calm? Do you just decide to be calm? Maybe deep breathing is the key? Maybe one should meditate twice a day for years. Maybe there's a drug or supplement that is the key to serenity. Or maybe sports psychology, as it is currently practiced, is as good as useless.

Emotions come from the deeper part of the mind, the part we usually refer to as the UNCONSCIOUS. That part of our mind is difficult to reach, difficult the adjust, precisely because it is UNCONSCIOUS. But that is the part of the mind that we must reach if we are to successfully adjust our emotional responses to pressure and stress. The good news: Rapid Resolution Hypnosis is the method of choice to reach and adjust the unconscious mind. Once adjusted, the unconscious effortlessly creates emotions that work for you - no willpower or "trying" is needed.

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Heart Attacks, Food, and Junk Science

Dr.  Esselstyn's theory (and book) was heavily promoted by Sanjay Gupta on his special "The Last Heart Attack". Esselstyn refers often to the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico as an example of a culture that has zero heart disease, and then he claims that it is because they eat a vegan diet (no meat, fish, dairy). But this is factually incorrect. They do eat meat and raise goats and sheep. Esselstyn also makes a classic error in scholarship by confusing correlation with causation. He ignores the fact that the Tarahumara do a heck of a lot of running (over 100 miles at a time) and also that their society is far less stressful than the grind of Western capitalism. It is disturbing that a bright guy like Sanjay Gupta would push a vegan diet for everyone and I hope that people don't throw out their fish! It is an established fact that people who totally avoid meat or dairy in any form eventually suffer health problems, perhaps from a B12 deficiency or other factors.

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Do Emotions Cause Heart Attacks?

     Sanjay Gupta, MD hosted "The Last Heart Attack", a show that would have the viewer believe that heart attacks are totally caused by eating the wrong food and can be prevented by eating the right food. The "wrong" food is anything that had a mother or a face. Eliminate all dairy, meat, fish, eggs, and so on and never get a heart attack, according to the program. While improved eating may help some people clear their arteries from plaque, the show completely ignored the role of emotions in heart disease. The heart is one of the key emotional centers of the body. A heart damaged by a clot blocking an artery is a "broken heart", but so is one damaged by the loss of love.

     Heart disease is a complex phenomenon caused by several contributing factors including emotions. I personally know people who had heart attacks even though their arteries were totally clear! Surgeons have written about witnessing arteries closing off blood supply by simply constricting spontaneously. Emotional stress clearly contributes to all degenerative disease and emotional stress is created by the human mind. Painful emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, and grief contribute to all manner of disease and symptoms. The good news is that these emotions can be eliminated by Rapid Resolution Therapy. Getting rid of emotional pain is an RRT specialty that is quick, painless, and lasting.


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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Can you recover from sexual abuse?

The Penn State sexual abuse scandal has once again drawn national attention to the perpetrators and victims of rape and other forms of sexual molestation. The common view, not only among the public, but, shocking, among mental health professionals, is that rape leaves the victim permanently scarred for life. Many professionals would agree that rape is equivalent to "soul murder." Nothing could be more damaging to the victim and nothing could be further from the truth. Rapid Resolution Therapy, the creation of Dr. Jon Connelly, is assisting thousands of sexual trauma victims move forward, free of emotional pain and stronger and more positive than ever. My upcoming book on recovering from the pain of incest will document what happened to Amy and how she finally got free of the pain in just a few sessions of Rapid Resolution Therapy. Stay tuned.

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